Omnidirectional Antennas

Omnidirectional RFID antennas
Antenna UHF omnidirezionale Contarina cover

Conta Omnidirectional UHF antenna

An antenna designed to be installed on board of vehicles, specifically for recycling ones.<br /> The antenna's particular inner design exploits the metallic ground plane given by the truck as spotlight to get a better directionality for the power diffusion.
Antenna RFID Omnidirezionale OANT16 2

OANT-16 Omnidirectional 2.45 GHz antenna

An omnidirectional antenna which has a vertical polarization. It offers a good coverage level thanks to its high gain. It can be installed either outdoor or indoor, either on a pole or on a wall bracket because it is provided with IP65 protection. The N-type connector, suitable for industrial applications, guarantees a solid and reliable connection.
Antenna Omnidirezionale RFID UHF UDP20 2

UDP-20 Dipole UHF antenna

A dipole UHF antenna with SMA connector. This antenna can find application to identify documents, goods return, storage and warehouse management and many other custom solutions thanks to its small size and its high performances as in these sectors small and good performer antennas are needed, or to be used on-metal.
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