Passive RFID Tag

Passive RFID Tag
Armored Tag resistente alte temperature

HT Armored Tag

This tag is suitable for identification and tracking in hostile and dangerous environment conditions.
Floor tag RFID per superfici piane e ambienti ostili

Floor Tag

RFID floor tag is a no adhesive tag made of plastic particularly suitable for the application in hostile environment.
Atex Laundry Tag Tag passivo UHF per lavanderie industriali

Atex laundry Tag

A flexible and frequency independent laundry Tag which works effectively in laundry application.
Chiodo RFID disponibile con tecnologia LF, HF o UHF


It’s a very resistant tag therefore it’s suited even for outdoor use. It’s available in LF, HF or UHF technology.
Bottoni RFID disponibili con tecnologia LF, HF o UHF

RFID Button

This HF RFID button has been thought to be used in laundry application because it's waterproof, high temperature resistant and it has a good read distance.
Tag on metal UHF resistenti alle alte temperature 2

On-metal tag

On-metal tags are high temperature resistant and with an high rate of protection. HF and UHF technolgy are available.
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