RFID Solutions

RFID Access control
Access control

Innovative tool for the realization of an access control and gate opening system.

Find by light Sistema di localizzazione RFID
Find by Light

Precious RFID access surveillance tool to prevent the removal of patients, especially those affected by cognitive impairment and behavioral disorders (eg Alzheimer’s disease).

IDN guide - sistema RFID per anticollisione tra carrelli banner2
Guide (Guidance Utility in Depository Environment)

RFID solutions with active or passive tags that, integrated into a waste collection and management system, allow automatic detection of emptying, even without direct intervention by the collection operator.

RFID Hands free Sistema di controllo accessi e apertura cancelli
Hands free

IDN Hands Free is an innovative tool to realize accesses control and gate opening systems.

Applicazioni RFID Caress sistema di sorveglianza controllo accessi cover

Caress is a precious tool to monitor, through the RFID technology, the passages of patients, above all those with behavioral disorders (like the Alzheimer’s disease), in order to avoid their exit from their assigned area.

Waste disposal RFID System
Waste disposal

Solutions with active and passive RFID tags that, when included in a recycling system, allow to automatically detect the emptying of the cans without the direct intervention by the operator

RFID solutions Product Authentication
Product authentication

IDNOVA® offers the brand new TITAN, a highly miniaturized UHF EPC global passive tag, which can be applied directly to metal surfaces, which finds its natural and immediate use in the field of product authentication and anti-counterfeiting.

Applicazioni RFID Sport timing monitoraggio tempi
Sport Timing

LapTrack is the valuable IDNOVA® race detection aid, based on UHF RFID technology to track intermediate times, order and arrival times in sports competitions, such as road races, track races, or country races. LapTrack is also an excellent tool for sports timing to be used in training to get reports of every workout done, having a history of past training available.

RFID solutions logistics and-tracking
Logistics and traceability

IDNOVA® offers RFID solutions for logistics and for the fashion industry, for the automatic identification of garments and accessories.

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