RFID Antennas


Our RFID antennas are all differents because every one has been thought for a different purpose and designed for giving the best.

Their features have shaped the antenna not the reverse.
We have various antennas and a wide frequency range from 13,56 Mhz up to 2.45 Ghz so they can carry out the functions you request to us. This allows the antenna to read different kind of tags. These antennas can read transponders up to 80 m (262 ft) in certain environment conditions.

The gain of an antenna and its directionality are not often considered. For this reason Idnova submits directional and omnidirectional antennas.

This is for giving you the whole range of solutions. We underline this because a reader and a tag can have the antenna which will get them giving their best.

antenna RFID direzionale dant12

Directional RFID antennas

Directional RFID antennas, designed and produced by us , are thought to have an high protection rate, IP65, so that they are suited to be used outdoor and mounted either on the wall or on a pole. The N connector, suitable for industrial application, guarantees a resistant and strong connection.
Antenna Omnidirezionale RFID UHF UDP20

Omnidirectional RFID antennas

Omnidirectional RFID antennas have a wider cover spectrum and this make them suitable for applications as documents identification, items return, storage and inventory management and moreover custom solutions. These antennas can be fixed either on a wall or on a pole and working either outdoor or inside thanks to its IP65 protection.
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