RFID Gates

gate RFID
ULRSL04-controllo-accessi RFID Slim Gate 2

ULRSL04 – Slim Gate RFID UHF

Column shaped reader realised with Slim UHF technology and a particularly charming design. The gate can be realised using either a double configuration or a single one. The system is an all-in-one kind and it allows the integration with specific devices of light and acustic signal.
DN-UGTHP High-Performance UHF Gate

UGTHP – High Performance Gate RFID

UHF Gate with a long range RFID reader and a custom number of antennas from 4 to 8 and an integrated I/O complete system (photocell, lights and buzzer). The device can read up to a hundred tags in few seconds and this make it particularly suitable in logistics since every items on a pallet can be easily read just by crossing the gate.

Fast Lane System

FAST LANE SYSTEM is a UHF RFID system able to read any RFID TAG (of any manufacturer) that complies with the ISO standard and has the appropriate characteristics to be read by the gate. For each FAST LANE STATION line you can read multiple RFID TAGs for each single pass with reliable reading distances of 6 m / 8 m.
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