RFID Labels

RFID Labels

The images are illustrative, wide range available of custom or standard labels.

WINDSHIELD tag parabrezza

RFID Windshield

Selfadhesive Rfid label made of antitampering material for vehicles.

RFID WristBand

Personal identification RFID wristband made of light, flexible, comfortable and tears resistent plastic.
Ticket-RFID a prestrappo

RFID Ticket

No adhesive card for entrance check provided as continuous strip made of either cardboard or flexible plastic.

RFID Textile Tag

No adhesive white or coloured printing RFID tag made of a flexible, soft and easy to sew material. Printing and size can be personalised.
Tag-Pass-A4-RFID foglio stampabile

RFID Tag Pass A4

It is provided as A4 papersheet with the integrated RFID tag for identification and/or entrance check. The adhesive card shaped part is taken off, bent again and programmed with a suitable RFID device.
Tag-Pass-RFID- card identificazione

RFID Tag Pass

RFID card made of flexible plastic or paperboard. It allows to identify people and easy action of transit qualification and record.

RFID Smart Hang Tag

Hang RFID tag provided as roll, shaped as adhesive labels to fold in half to get a promotional no-adhesive tag that could be hung.
Shoe-Tag-RFID-Rotas scarpe calzature

RFID Shoe Tag

Perforated band RFID label to be fixed to the shoe through its laces. Even available with an adhesive zipper.

RFID Metal Tag

On metal RFID label available in neutral or coloured printing version either for outside or inside applications.
Swing-Tag-RFID-Rotas con foro

RFID Swing Tag

Perforated no adhesive RFID label for indoor use. It can be neutral white or coloured printed. Both label shape and the printing can be customised on both hands.

RFID Disk Label

RFID Disk Labels can be affixed on audiovisual items like DVD or compact disc. They are made of plastic or paper and they have an enduring adhesive.
RFID Book Label per etichettatura su carta - HF, UHF e NFC

RFID Book Label

RFID Book Labels can be affixed on paper items like books, documents and newspapers without damaging the item's surface. HF, UHF and NFC are available for this unique RFID labels.
Etichette RFID a bandiera per applicazione su oggetti metallici

RFID FlagTag

RFID flaglabel for on metal use. It has a little exposed no adhesive layer for an easier reading of its chip. UHF technology for remote reading is available for this label.
etichette RFID rimovibili removable label

RFID Removable Label

Removable RFID label for indoor use on different materials as wood, paper, paperboard, glass and plastic. UHF technology for remote reading is available. Graphics and shape can be customised.
logistic label etichette rfid per la logistica

RFID Logistic Label

RFID logistic label for logistics either outdoor or indoor use. UHF technology for remote reading is available. Graphics and shape can be customised.
rfid jewel tag - etichetta per gioelli

RFID Jewel Tag

RFID labels for jewels or small items. The label do not leave any sign on the item on which it is affixed. It has been thought for easing inventory and warning thefts.
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