Directional antennas

Antenna UHF direttiva IDN UPA-12 grey

IDN UPA-12 Antenna UHF directive

The UPA-12 is a mid range antenna with reading distances up to 5 meters and is ideal for working with any type of UHF bandwidth reader / writer.
antenna RFID direzionale dant12

DANT-12 Directional 2.45 GHz antenna

A high gain directional antenna with circular polarization. Thanks to its IP65 protection it can be installed outdoor either on a pole or on a wall bracket. The N-type connector, suitable for industrial applications, guarantees a solid and reliable connection. The case is made of ABS and steel and it resists to UV rays.
Antenna UHF direzionale UPA-25 grey

UPA25 Directional UHF antenna

A directional UHF antenna. It combines high performances and compact size. It complies with midrange and longrange readers. The antenna grants an high reliability in reading thanks to circular polarization.

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