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Access controlIDnova Slim Gate

IDnova, 20-year leading company in the RFID items/people localization area, launches a new RFID system for the access control without using hands.
It’s developed for any kind of identification, detection, tracking needs and it’s applicable to guests in permanent or temporary events (shows, fairs, conferences…).

How it works

The access control system is able to automatically detect the transition of people in the passage, recording their entrance and exit.

You will know the number and the identity of participants in an event, you will track the routes and presences within the interested area, you will manage the data of the guests (creation and database management, reporting), locally or on a server, in real time or offline, through a dedicated software.

The identification badge, a normal card for events and conferences, is equipped with a chip that allows the unique recognition of the guest; it’s configured before the event or at the time of the entrance.
From this point on, for the whole event duration no further front desk activity is required: the guests’ movements will be extremely quick and easy. The RFID passages will report any illegal entrance to the staff.

Main features:

Access control system with presence record in UHF RFID Technology.

Hands-free users transition: people will not have to approach to identification systems.

Meetings, conferences, shows, events, museums, restricted areas.

RFID passages with ax exclusive design makes them light and easy to carry; they can be part of any type of environment – Badge Customization

Purchase or rental – Turnkey system.

varchi RFID UHF

Function mode:

  • stand alone throuhg embedded software;
  • real-time connection to a database on the central server.
Controllo Accessi RFID al G8 del 2009

RFID Access control Slim Gate at the 2009 G8 in Rome.

IDnova launches, also on rental, at a low price, the complete hands-free access control package, formed by:

  • Slim Gate passages for the UHF RFID access control technology, kit with optical/acoustic signals, I/O photocell kit and stand alone middleware.
  • Bench readers for participants registration.
  • RFID readers/writers handheld PCs and datacollector for operators’ check ups.
  • Server with MySql database, created on the client’s data list.
  • Termographic traditional or RFID printers to program and print labels and badges, with additional barcode technology.
  • Complete software for the system communication and the management of accesses and presences.
  • Labels, badges, customized cards.
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