Smart ParkingParking monitoring system

Smart Parking is the ideal solution for monitoring the parking situation with the use of wireless technology.
It is a modular and expandable system, adaptable to any type of parking and equipped with ultra-compact and non-invasive sensors.
The installation is simple and fast, it can be easily integrated with other technologies and interfaced with any software platform.
The strengths of this system are the ability to communicate data and alerts in real time and ease of use. Installation and maintenance costs are reduced.


  • Simple installation
  • Remote control
  • Expandable system
  • Low costs
  • Proprietary protocol


  • Parking

  • parking spots for the disabled

  • Stall monitoring

  • Reserved seats

  • monitoring dedicated stalls (es. electric charging columns)

system composition

  • IDN sensors ABG245 SM
  • Low consumption active tag with integrated sensor
  • Readers IDN AFR600
  • Antennas IDN DANT12 e IDN OANT16
  • Gateway IDN CPU
  • Middleware IDnova-map

middleware features

  • real time web based monitoring

  • Graphic representation of the parking lot

  • available / occupied status of the spot

  • Visualizaiton on the map

  • logarithmic and linear scale sensor data

  • Sensor value detected in real time dynamic setting

  • Detection thresholds

  • Display of timestamps and normalized data
    for each sensor

  • Sending notifications and reports to external software platforms

  • Remote assistance, support and tuning

Diasabled parking area control

  • Available / occupied status of the spot

  • hicle identification authorized / not authorized and sending notifications

  • “Transparent & automatic” system (the disabled person does not have to do any kind of activity)

  • Long life battery

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