Waste disposal RFID System

Waste DisposalRecycling RFID solutions

IDnova launches different solutions of active and passive RFID tags, included in a recycling system, that allow to automatically detect the emptying of the cans without the direct intervention by the operator. The association between user and tag makes possible to verify the actual recycling process and to charge the proportional costs.


  • Total reliability and certainty in the detection, also on hostile environmental conditions, thanks to the optical and acoustic signals after the executed scanning.
  • Adaptability to any kind of disposal: door-to-door – eco islands – areas assigned to the access only by operators – with a proper vehicle for the disposal of waste.
  • Software customization.
  • Tested waste disposal systems (IDnova created the currently operative biggest italian waste disposal system with passive tags: Padova3).
  • Creation of hands-free systems: the operator is not obliged to perform any scan of the tag (the reader will do all the job) and will be able to wear the reader in his belt in order to keep his hands completely free.
  • Possibility to pay only the actual consumption.
  • Univocal user-tag  association that simplifies the payments’ management.

Main features

IDnova’s waste disposal systems are extremely flexible and versatile to better manage the whole offered services, reducing the manual interventions by the operator, who can customize every function.

IDnova systems are made by simple and efficient hardware and by user-friendly fully customizable software, both combined properly.

Possibility to add the function of associating the users with the emptied cans, so the user will be charged depending on his efficiency on the recycling process.

IDnova systems warn on possible anomalies (for example if the can is too loaded, wrong type of waste…). A complete report is available and it’s customized on any kind of need.


  • IDnova offers different solutions (frequencies and technologies) to respond to specific needs. This flexibility makes possible the use of fixed or rebranded readers, active or passive technology, rugged or label tags.
  • The readers can operate as data-loggers, recording al the readings of the RFID tags also in offline mode.
  • IDnova systems can perform both long distance and proximity scannings.
  • Wide range of tags in different frequencies or shapes.
  • Possibility to add the function of monitoring the transponder’s battery level.
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