Floor tagRFID tag

Floor tag RFID per superfici piane e ambienti ostili 2
The RFID Floor Tag is a plastic non-adhesive tag which is particularly suitable for applications in hostile environments.

Floor tag can be fixed on plane or slightly curved surfaces through scews in the holes of the tag.


Floor tag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications as it resists to atmospheric agents (humidity, rain, UV rays, sunlight, chemical substances, dust etc.) and to mechanical solicitations (trampling, abrasion).

Even though the tag is usually applied on the floor, it  can also be positioned on other non-metal surfaces as wood, glass or plastic.

The Tag is availble both in neutral or color printed version, furthermore size and graphic design are customizable.

It is combinable with different RFID technologies: UHF for long distance readings and NFC for proximity readings.


  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Streets

  • Ports

  • Distribution centers

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