RFID NailRFID nail available in LF, HF or UHF technology, suited even for outdoor applications.

Chiodo RFID disponibile con tecnologia LF, HF o UHF
This RFID nail is very resistant tag and the chance to set the frequency according to your needs makes this tag really versatile. This little tag, therefore, has been thought to been used in different applications above all asset identification and tracking.

The RFID nail has been developed to be applied on surfaces which can be pierced. It’s a very resistant tag therefore it’s suited even for outdoor use. It’s available in LF, HF or UHF technology.


  • trees labelling to decide growth rate;

  • wood goods identification;

  • testing of the origin of wood products;

  • tracking, nails can be used on every kind of wood, even the dry beech;

  • labelling of wood semifinisched products: information about the origin, quality, etc.;

  • nursery
  • identification forestry products: data on the producer and the origin of wood;

technical features

Operating frequency LF – HF – UHF
Material ABS
Size 36×17 mm  (custom)
Weight 5 g (custom)
Operating temperature from -30° C to +220° C
Protection IP68
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