RFID Tag attivi-passivi panoramica

Why producing so many kind of RFID tags?
Why having a so wide range of RFID products?
How can a tag be more useful to me if it looks like all the other?
Why should I prefer an active tag to a passive one?
And then, what kind of benefits can one kind give to me and which ones the other?

Look by yourself! Our portfolio of RFID tags is so wide so we can guarantee you the right solution. Our designers keep creating new tags as we want to be always updated, or rather, avant garde, but above all we make them for you!

Tag RFID LED attivo 2.45 GHz con Air Programming

Active RFID tag

RFID tags working on 2,45 Ghz frequency. Every tag of ABG245 family can be customised by adding sensors or by setting them up for the application you are interested in.
Tag on metal UHF resistenti alle alte temperature 2

Passive RFID tag

Our passive RFID tags are available either neutral white or colour printing, furthermore size and graphic can be customised. UHF technology for far reading or NFC for near reading can be set up on tags.
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