TN65 HFRFID HF Tunnel 13.56 MHz

TN65 tunnel RFID HF
TN65 HF is a RFID tunnel which has the function read/write and works on a 13.56MHz frequency. Its opening size is 65x65cm. It can have eventually a motorised conveyor belt

The HF RFID tunnel has an antenna system which can identify automatically and simultaneously more objects with tags very near among them too when they pass through it.


  • Smoot PVC conveyor belt driven for all its length
  • Payload 30 kg/mt
  • Total length: 200 cm (2D), 300 cm (3D)
  • Max encumbrance of width surface: 83 cm
  • Total width 83 cm
  • Useful conveyor belt’s width 62 cm
  • Variable speed from 10 to 40 mt/min
  • Engine size: 0,5 KW
  • Zincate plate for supporting the conveyor belt
  • Diameter of pulling roll 10 cm
  • Working surface height 65-85 cm
  • Switchboard with inverter for speed change
  • Security system for emergency arrest on board

technical features

Operating frequency

13.56 MHz

RF power

max 1oW


Photocell check Lights and buzzer/ warning alarm

Connection interface

(RS232 and Wifi Optional )


Antenna system which rotates on a single surface (2D) or double (3D)

2D size

84 x 80 x 90  cm
Opening size: 64 x 80 x 80 cm

3D size

84 x 170 x 90  cm
Opening size: 64 x 170 x 80 cm

Operating temperature

From -20°C to +55°C

Electrical supply

60 VA max
230/110 V AC (47-63 Hz) ± 15%
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