IDN 200PRO is an "all in one" reader with integrated antenna and operates in the UHF 865 – 868 MHz band, compliant with the ISO18000-6C RFID standard, compatible with Android, iOS, Linux and Windows


Smart workdesk solution for automatic asset tracking


Smart recycle bin for automatic identification
Reader RFID UHF DTCSY grey


Lightweight and practical, it has extremely small dimensions and can read tags up to a maximum distance of 1 m.
Lettore UHF long range 2 canali grey


Long Range UHF bandwidth reader that provides the performance, quality and reliability needed for maximum readability, capable of handling up to 2 antennas at the same time.
Lettore UHF long range 4 canali grey


Long Range UHF bandwidth player that offers the performance, quality and reliability needed for maximum readability, capable of handling up to 4 antennas at the same time.
Armored Trolley carrello lettore RFID UHF grey

Armored Trolley

Portable system developed and produced by Idnova for standalone application for oudoor logistics use.
Light Trolley carrello reader RFID UHF

Light Trolley

Light Trolley is a special RFID system developed for all those firms, which are looking for a solution, which will make their inventory easy, quick and safe.
RFID-Light-Fusion2 Lettore RFID UHF

RFID Light Fusion

Light Fusion is a new communication tool which puts toghther an advanced RFID technology with the creativity and the design of an elegant tablet.
Lettore RFID SPY per tag UHF


Portable mid-long range UHF RFID Reader with integrated and directional antenna. It reads the tags all around and it records the EPC on file texts.
UPAD Lettore/scrittore RFID UHF ad elevate prestazioni


High performances UHF RFID reader and writer with Ethernet port perfect for pick&put away applications in retail and logistics. It is integrated inside an efficient, plexiglas working desk and it is provided of Ethernet port and USB entrance for barcode scanner.
IND-ICP lettore RFID di tag HF con USB 2


UHF RFID desk reader with integrated antenna and checking LED. It works on UHF 862-955 MHz. URDD ICP reader has multicolour optical checking system which gives a useful and immediate feedback to the user.
ICXP lettore RFID di tag passivi HF con Ethernet 2

URDD ICXP, Ethernet

Short range desk reader with Ethernet (RJ45) port for UHF tag reading. It is credit card shaped, plexiglas housing and works on UHF 862-955MHz.
IDN-RDD-A4 lettore di tag UHF con USB


Desk reader and writer for UHF tag reading. DIN A4 shape and plexiglas case. It has a wide support surface in this way it will be easier using it for multiple objects reading.
RDP01D Lettore RFID portatile Tag HF 2


Palm sized, light and compact UHF RFID Reader for “push button” passive UHF transponder tag reading.
RDP05 Lettore RFID portatile Tag HF


Palm sized UHF RFID datalogger for passive UHF transponder reading and writing. The reader has 5 buttons to surf on the menu visible on the Lcd screen.
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