Reader RFID HF IDN-300-M

IDN-300-M: USB HF RFID reader working in read / write mode

Equipped with emulation mode or virtual COM port. Compatible with different communication standards at 13.56 MHz (ISO15693, ISO14443 A / B, DESFire, Ntag203), operating in read / write mode and equipped with a high read / write sensitivity ".
IDN-RDD-A4 Lettore RFID per Tag HF con USB

RDD A4, USB: medium-range USB HF RFID reader

Desk reader / writer with DIN A4 size and Plexiglas housing. Desk / reading solution for passive transponders at 13.56 MHz, with a large supporting surface.
IDN-RDD-IC lettore RFID per tag HF con USB 2

RDD IC, USB: Short-range USB HF RFID reader

Table reader / writer for RFId HF 13.56 MHz tags, credit card size, black ABS housing and standard USB communication interface.

RRDD ICP, USB: Short-range USB HF RFID reader with integrated antenna

Short-range desktop reader with built-in antenna and control LED, operating in the 13.56 MHz HF frequency band.
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