Passive RFID on metal

On-metal tag are identication devices that works on different frequency bands. Our on-metal tag are available with HF and UHF technology .
This type of tag is protected by a thermoplastic material casing that’s ensure it a high level of resistance and protection.
We have a wide range of on-metal tag and we offers generally a high level of protection and especially resistant features that make them at the environment where they will be placed. Each time designed so that the they will be answer continuously at your needs, they can be have high resistant capacity at high temperature. Variable data depending on type of on-metal tag.

Designed to be placed in various ways on every metal surface, they have the advantage to be completly adaptable on the enviroment where they will be placed. This type of tag can be fixed with lather, plastic or metal tie, throught rivets, with adesive or by a magnetic support.

On-metal tags have a solid design for long term purpose in industrial enviroments and also outdoor. They be suitable for tracking in manufacturing productions, logistics, postals and industrial manufacturing process.


Metal tag COMBI

Dual Frequency NFC + UHF RFID tag

IDN-Miniasset HF-UHF

Passive UHF tag with a very little form factor used to MOM (Mount On Metal) applications. Perfect for applications with presence of metal where the space avaible to the applicazion of the tag results small.

IDN-Octagon HF-UHF

Designed for on metal applications. Solid case guarantee high resistant also in industrial enviroment. Excellent identification performance in radiofrequency, also to far distance, when it's applicated on metal. Particular design allows the applications trough rivets or screws, but it is could be equipped with adhesive.

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